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Pre-FIT Consultation Application - Form A

The Pre-Fit Consultation is a service provided by Peterborough Distribution Inc. (PDI) at no cost to provide the information the applicant needs in their IESO FIT application.

PDI will assist applicants to identify the details of connecting a project to the grid such as:  station names, feeder designation, voltage and potential point of connection.

All information provided is subject to change based on current and/or future power system conditions and the status of other connecting generators.

Please complete the following information and submit your form to PDI.


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Project Information
Please provide a site plan with approximate line routings for connecting to PDI's facilities. The site plan should include streets, pole numbers, addresses and lot numbers (if applicable).
My project is
Project Size
Generator connecting on
Project Type
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Machine Characteristics
Rotating machine type
Owner (mandatory)
Consultant (if applicable)
Choose a single point of contact
Preferred method of contact with Peterborough Distribution Inc.