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2017 Meeting Schedule
Construction Projects
Construction Street Directory
Cathodic Protection
Auger Method
Cement Mortar Lining
Low dig technology
Water Main Replacement
Coordinating Our Work With City Work
Fire Hydrant Testing
Structural Lining
Low dig technology
Cross Connection Control Program
Compliance Instructions
Lawn Irrigation Systems - Backflow Prevention
Frequently Asked Questions
CCCP Forms
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Water
PTBO H2O Mobile Drinking Water Station
PTBO H2O Rates
Quality Management System
DWQMS History
Chlorine Residual
Disinfection Contact Time
Drinking Water Quality Management Standard
Operational Plan
Related Water Links
Water Meters
Meter FAQ
Repair Leaks
Reduce Water Use
Reuse Water
Remote Meter Reading
Water Quality
Facts and Filters
Q & A
Activated Carbon Filters
Water Softeners
Ontario Water Sector Strategy
Water Rates
Water Subdivision & Development Requirements
Water Utility News
Annual Report Notice to Customer
New 60 day underground infrastructure locates
Beware of Water Treatment Scams
Summer Water Restriction
Peterborough Long-term Water Utility Master Plan Notice of Study Commencement
How does PUC respond to Water Main Breaks?
Riverview Park and Zoo
About Us
Contact the Park and Zoo
Education & Programs
ZOO ACADEMY - Teacher's Portal
75th Anniversary Gala - Photo Gallery
Features and Attractions
Fundraising & Donations
Patrons & Donors
How To Find Us
Map of Zoo
News at the Park and Zoo
Riverview Park & Zoo Advisory Committee
Related Park & Zoo Links
Volunteer Program
Volunteer Application Form
Zoo Animal Healthcare Centre
Borrow An Appliance Monitor
Conditions of Service
Electric Construction Street Directory
Overhead Line Relocation
Overhead Line Rehabilitation
Underground Rehabilitation
Overhead Line Conversion
Electric Home
Electric Rates
Electric Utility News
Why do we trim trees?
How does PDI respond to Power Outages?
Energy Conservation
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Electric
Generation Connections
MicroFIT Contracts
FIT Contracts
Generator Connections Reference Information
Net Metering
PDI Electric Standards
Peterborough Distribution Inc. Standards
Related Electric Links
Smart Meter Information
Customer Service
Appliance Calculator
Are You Moving?
Billing and Payments
Paying Your Bill
Administrative Charges
High Bill?
Billing Schedule and Zones
Borrow An Appliance Monitor
Can you afford it?
Collections Procedure
Connections and Inserts
Considering an Electricity Contract?
Contact Us
Customer Self-Service Login
Customer Service News
Customer Self Service Web Portal
Possible Canada Post Service Disruption
Bill Calculator
OEB LPP Proceedings
Changes to Our Billing and Collection Policies
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Ontario’s System-Wide Electricity Supply Mix: 2016 Data
Ontario Electricity Support Program and the Ontario Rebate for Electricity
Electricity Supply Mix
Fire Safety Notice
Rates and Service Charges
Electric Rates and Charges
Water Rates and Charges
Rental Rates and Charges
Related Customer Service Links
Security Deposit Policy
Service Interruptions
Smart Meters and Time-of-Use Rates
Accessible Customer Service Policy
Integrated Accessibility Standards Policy
Multi-Year Accessibility Plan
Accessibility Standards Customer Feedback
Career Opportunities
Working at the PUG: Our Culture
Opportunities For Students
Job Application
Corporate News
Peterborough Utilities Customers Warned of Telephone Scam
Potential Sale of Peterborough Distribution Inc.
Safety Message - Hydroelectric Dams
What is your favourite animal at the Zoo?
Electric Vehicle Charge Stations and Locations
Corporate Structure
Health & Safety
Call Before You Dig
Electrical Safety
Landscaping & Tree Trimming
Electrical Safety At Home
Children And Electricity
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
Portable Standby Generators
Electrical Safety On The Job - Working Near Powerlines
Working Near Powerlines At Home
Electrical Emergencies
Power Outage Emergency Preparedness
Power Outages & Generator Hazards
Hydro Generating Safety
Public Safety Presentation
Safety Alerts
Related Corporate Links
Tenders and Contracts
Whistle Blower Policy