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Water Meters

The way Peterborough Utilities' customers are charged for water usage in the city of Peterborough will soon change. The first step was to install water meters in all homes in the city.  The Peterborough Utilities Commission  (PUC) will oversee the installation of water meters in all city homes.   

The Meters

Badger Water MeterThe installation will take place inside your home where the water service line enters - usually in your basement or crawl space.    Don't worry if you do not know where the service line enters your home, the installer should be able to determine the location.  Once the meter is installed it will measure the amount of water entering your home from the main water line.  The meter will have state of the art technology that allows meter readings to be taken remotely, so meter readers will not have to enter your home.  Learn how to read your water meter. Also, find out more about Remote Water Reading.

Continuing Communication

The PUC will be in touch with city residents throughout the installation process and while you adjust to your new meter. We will also provide you with information on how to read your meter and tips on water-saving activities that you and your family can undertake.  You can also visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" section for additional information.

Commission Reports and Policies for Water Meters

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Treatment of Water Metering Costs

Water Metering Options for Wireless 

Water Meter Options - Multi Unit Facility

Access to Water Meters in Customer Premises

Customer Service and Account Policy

Water Meter Dispute and Replacement Fees

For more information please contact Hans Kamping, Superintendent Water Distribution at (705) 748-9301 extension 1296 or by e-mail at