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We Are Separating Our Billing

Peterborough Utilities is separating the electricity portion of your utility bill from other services such as water, sewer and rental equipment. Beginning February 2019, you will start receiving two bills from us, each with its own unique account number. 

Electricity will be billed monthly. Water and sewer services and some rental equipment will be billed every other month in Peterborough, monthly in Lakefield.  Please contact us at 705-748-6900 if you have any questions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About the New, Separated Bills


Why is Peterborough Utilities separating my utility bills?

We are separating utility bills to resolve regulatory challenges and in advance of the sale of Peterborough Distribution Inc. (electric utility) to Hydro One.

Peterborough Utilities Commission (water utility), Peterborough Utilities Inc. (retail services) and Riverview Park & Zoo will operate under a newly formed company called PUG Services Corp.


When will this start?

You will start receiving separate utility bills in early 2019.


Do I pay both bills to the same company?

For electric services, your account number and payee (Peterborough Utilities Services Inc.) will stay the same.

For water, sewer and rental services, you may be assigned a new account number if you don’t already have one. If you already have separate utility accounts, your account numbers will remain the same but you will need to assign a new payee. See the next question for more information about how to pay.


How do I pay? What is the new payee?

The new payee name depends on your payment method.

  • To pay through your bank (online, telephone, ATM or teller), you need to set up your new account number with the new payee: Peterborough Utilities – Water.
  • To pay by cheque, use the stub from your water bill and make the cheque payable to: PUG Services Corp.
  • For industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) accounts paying with EFT, email us at to request the required banking information for water, sewer and rental services. Even if your account number for these services has not changed, you will need to update the EFT banking information.

Consider signing up for e-billing and pre-authorized payments to make payment simpler. Login to your account or call us to set it up: 705-748-6900, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


I am on pre-authorized payments. Do I need to do anything?

No, we will transition these payments to the correct accounts.


I am on e-billing. How will it work?

If you receive multiple services, they will be separated into two accounts. You will receive an e-bill for each account: one e-bill for electric services and one for water, sewer and rental, as applicable.


Any changes with access to the Customer Self-Serve portal?

Access to your electric account will remain the same. If you receive a new account number for water, sewer and/or rental services, you will need to create a new login to access that new account. Your PIN number is located on the last page of your new bill. Once you have activated your new login, you can change the provided PIN to your preferred PIN.


How often will I receive a bill?

We are changing to less-frequent billing, where possible, to minimize costs.

In Peterborough, combined water, sewer and rental services for residential customers will be billed every other month. In Lakefield, water and sewer services will continue to be billed monthly. If you only have rental services (not water or sewer), this will be billed quarterly in all locations.

Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) customers will continue to be billed monthly.

Electricity will continue to be billed monthly, as required by provincial legislation.


I don’t have water or rental equipment charges on my Peterborough Utilities bill. Do I need to do anything?

No, if you only have electricity charges on your monthly bill, then you will just continue with the same billing account number and payee.


I already receive a separate water/sewer/rental bill. Do I need to do make any changes?

Yes, you will have the same account number but your payee would need to change to the new payee.


What happens to my rental equipment charges?

If you have water/sewer services, your rental equipment services will be transferred by us to your new account with the new payee.

If you do not have water/sewer services, your rental equipment services will have a new account number with the new payee and will be billed quarterly (every three months).

If you are a Lakefield customer and have rental equipment services, your charges will be billed with water/sewer services with a new account number and anew payee.


What happens to my security deposit when I get the new account?

All deposits for water/sewer will be transferred to your new account. Deposits for electric services will remain on your existing account. No action is required on your part.


Who do I call if I have questions?

Peterborough Utilities Group will continue to provide customer service for all utilities. Call 705-748-6900, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.