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High Bill?

Does Your Bill Seem High?

There are many factors that can influence your electricity bill.  The time of year, thermostat settings, outside temperature, appliances, building insulation, a new family member and house guests can all play a part.

Each family's lifestyle is different and it is normal to expect that your bill won't be the same as your neighbours. Homemaking habits, hobbies, the number of children and their ages all vary from household to household and all have an impact on your electricity bill.

The number of days your bill covers can also have a bearing. Electricity meters are read on a monthly cycle which means the period covered by your bill can vary from 27 to 33 days. A difference of five days in the heat of summer or the middle of winter can be significant.

Being away from home doesn't automatically mean that less electricity is used. Some appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers, continue to operate unless they are unplugged. The heating system and furnace fan also continue to operate to keep the house warm. Even with the temperature turned down, the heat still comes on periodically to maintain the set temperature.  An electric water heater is close to 90% efficient when storing hot water but will also continue to consume electricity unless it is turned off before an extended vacation of a week or more.
The extra cleaning, washing, drying and ironing done prior to or returning from a vacation also uses electricity and may offset the energy saved while away.