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Rates and Service Charges

Electricity Rates and Charges

Peterborough Distribution Inc. 2019 Price Cap IR Application for Rates, OEB File Number EB-2018-0067links to external site

Understanding Your Electricity Bill

The distribution portion of your electricity charges is retained by Peterborough Distribution Inc. to cover the costs of delivering electricity to your home.  These charges are reflected in the 'Delivery' line of your bill.  The remaining electricity charges are passed through to third parties.  Please refer to the Ontario Energy Board for a detailed explanation of charges.

Tariff of Rates and Charges for Peterborough, Lakefield and Asphodel-Norwood service areas, please refer to the following:

Peterborough Distribution is licensed by the Ontario Energy Board to provide electricity distribution to the communities of Peterborough, Lakefield and Norwood.  The areas included in the licence are shown in the following maps:

Commodity - Residents of Ontario may choose to buy their electricity from a marketer or continue to have it supplied by their local utility under Standard Supply Service.  These charges will be reflected in the 'Electricity' line of your bill.

Please note: Industrial customers do not qualify for the Rate Protection Plan (RPP) rates.

Water Rates and Charges

Ontario Regulation 453/07 of the Safe Drinking Water Act, requires the Commission of the PUC, a municipal service board for the City of Peterborough's water system, to complete a financial plan for the drinking water system.

The PUC Financial Plan has been developed to ensure that the PUC can maintain and improve its infrastructure to ensure that its system are capable of delivering safe, affordable and quality water for now and into the future, operating under a full cost recovery system.

The PUC endorsed and approved the City of Peterborough's Drinking Water Supply Financial Plan on December 3, 2015. The Financial Plan can be downloaded by clicking here.

PUC Water Utility Rate Schedule for Peterborough residents can be found in the following link:

The Peterborough Utilities Commission has approved the following rates for the Cross Connection Control Program:

Township of Selwyn Water and Sewer Rates

Water and sewer rates for residents of the Township of Selwyn can be found in the following bylaws:

Proposed Development Charges and Background Study

The Peterborough Utilities Commission currently levies development charges for the recovery of water services under By-law 08-011. In order to continue levying development charges, a new by-law will need to be passed by the City of Peterborough.

Rental Rates and Charges

PUI rates for rental equipment can be found in the following rate schedule: