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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Electric

I want to upgrade my fuse panel.  How do I get started?
There can be many reasons for deciding to upgrade the electrical service in your home.  You may be adding extra living space, air conditioning, more appliances, a swimming pool or sauna, or you may decide to replace the existing screw-in fuse type panel with a circuit breaker type panel.  

Our Technical Service Technicians are available to answer questions that you may have regarding this work, and to meet with you and your electrical contractor on site.  Please call the Electric Department at 705-748-9301 x1342 to initiate the upgrade process.

We offer you the following advice:

  • We recommend that you use a licensed electrical contractor to perform this work for you.
  • You should get written quotations from at least three electrical contractors before you proceed.
  • Modifications to your electrical panel must be inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).  An Electrical Inspection Permit must be applied for with the ESA.
  • You are required to relocate the Hydro revenue meter to the out-of-doors if it is presently located on the inside of your home.
We recommend that the following guidelines be used to plan this work:
  • The electrical contractor that you hire will coordinate the planned work with both the ESA and Peterborough Utilities Services Inc.  A service layout may be required.
  • As a guideline, please allow a minimum of three working days for us to schedule our work.
  • On the date and time that is chosen to perform this work, Peterborough Utilities Services Inc. will disconnect the electrical service to your home. 
  • Your electrical contractor will complete their work and have the ESA inspect the work. 
  • The ESA will contact Peterborough Utilities Services Inc. (assuming that the ESA has approved the work completed), and provide us with a Connection Authorization.  This allows us to reconnect the electrical service to your home.
  • Peterborough Utilities Services Inc. will then re-install its' meter and restore electrical service to your home.

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I want to plant flowers around the electric meter and transformer.  Are there any restrictions?
When planting flowerbeds and shrubbery around your home, please remember to keep the area around electric meters and padmount transformers clear so that we have easy access.

For safety reasons, we need approximately one metre (3 feet) of clear, flat area directly in front of your meter.  If you already have bushes or trees planted in front of your meter, please trim them back or, if possible, remove them altogether.

To prevent your trees, shrubs or flowers from being damaged when repairs to padmount transformers are being made, avoid planting near this equipment.  Please refer to drawing A2127 for guidelines or contact our Electric Department at 705-748-9301 x1342 for additional information.  

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