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FIT Contracts

The steps required in the FIT connection process are listed below:

  1. Pre-FIT Consultation - Please complete Form A
  2. IESO Approved
  3. PDI Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) Form B application complete with CIA fees of $3,000.00 + HST for PDI feeder.  For projects on shared Hydro One feeders please review the following links:
  4. Connection Impact Assessment performed
  5. Offer to Connect (any additional charges will be outlined in Offer to Connect, eg. transformer upgrade)
  6. Generation Agreement
  7. Layout from PDI Electric Department and Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) permit
  8. Meter Installation

The first step is to contact PDI to determine the connection point on the distribution system for the proposed generation. The Transformer Station and Feeder designation are required for your IESO contract application. This is commonly called a pre-FIT consultation (complete Form A from link above).

To determine if there is existing capacity on our system click on the "Capacity Allocation" button below to see capacity  currently allocated on our distribution system. Some generators may be Capacity Allocation Exempt but still require connection information and are subject to Connection Impact Assessments (CIA). 

Generators should review the capacity limits and generator size limitations on the PDI distribution system located in section 3.9.2 of our Conditions of Service

Depending on the size of your project there may be a requirement to perform a Distribution Availability Test (DAT). If your project is Capacity Allocation Exempt it will not require this test. 

Once you have received and accepted the contract offer from the IESO, you need to formally request a connection to the distribution system and PDI will initiate the Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) process to determine the conditions under which the generation may be connected. There are fees to perform this assessment by PDI and if on a shared feeder Hydro One Networks fees will apply. If a Hydro One CIA is required, the generator will be required to fill out a Hydro One Form B application. 

To initiate a connection request with PDI the generator must fill out PDI's CIA Form B (see step 3 above) and forward the completed form, fees, and  generator technical information to the Engineering Department. The amount of the fee is dependent on the size and complexity of the generation connection. Click on the "Fees" button below to see the fee schedule.

 Technical information required with Form B includes the following: 

  • Location/Address of the proposed generation connection
  • Name plate capacity
  • Connection Schematic Single Line Diagram (SLD)
  • Fuel type and technology
  • Protection Scheme 

Generators will be responsible to pay for the metering costs and any service upgrades required in order to connect the generation to the distribution system. Generators will be required to pay deposits for metering and connection costs when the Offer to Connect is made. Generators will be required to enter into a Connection Agreement with PDI.  

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