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MicroFIT Contracts

Important Update regarding the MicroFIT Program from the IESO

There are 7.5 MW remaining in the 2017 Annual Procurement Target, as of November 10, 2017. The IESO will only accept applications under the microFIT Program until 11:59 p.m. EPT on December 28, 2017, or until the final 50 MW Annual Procurement Target is reached, whichever is earlier.

Should the Annual Procurement Target be reached before December 28, 2017, the IESO will immediately stop accepting applications. Applications submitted to the IESO prior to or on the date on which the IESO stops accepting applications will only be reviewed if capacity becomes available in the Annual Procurement Target by December 29, 2017. Applications will continue to be reviewed in the order that they are received.

Further, any application that is not allocated to the Annual Procurement Target (i.e., any application that has not been set to Pending LDC Offer to Connect status) by December 29, 2017, will be terminated. Applications that have achieved Pending LDC Offer to Connect status will continue to be processed.

More information is available on the IESO websitelinks to external site.

The steps required in the microFIT connection process are listed below:

  1. MicroFIT Form C Application
  2. Offer to Connect
  3. Signed Agreement and Deposit Received
  4. Service Layout and ESA Connection Authorization
  5. Meter Installation
  6. IESO Contract Offer

To initiate a connection request with PDI, the generator must fill out Form C MicroFIT Application (for an existing connection) and forward the completed form to the Engineering Department along with the technical information on the proposed generation facility.

 Technical information required with Form C includes the following: 

  • Location/Address of the proposed generation connection
  • Inverter nameplate capacity
  • Solar array nameplate capacity
  • OPA Application number
  • Connection Schematic Single Line Diagram (SLD)

Generators will be responsible to pay for the metering costs and the upgrades to or installation of new service connection facilities to accommodate the connection of the generation to the distribution system.  Generators will be required to pay deposits for metering and connection costs at the time the Offer to Connect is made.  Generators will be required to enter into a Connection Agreement with PDI.

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