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Net Metering

Customers participating in the Net Metering program receive a credit on their monthly electricity bill for the energy exported onto the utility's grid up to, but not exceeding the value of the energy consumed from the utility's grid.  If Net Metering customers export more power than they import during a billing period, their excess credit is carried over into their next billing period.  Excess energy credits from successive billing periods can be carried-over up to a maximum of eleven months.

The steps required in the Net metering connection process are listed below:

  1.     Net Metering Form C Application (use Internet Explorer to complete form online)
  2.     Offer to Connect
  3.     Signed Agreement and Deposit Received
  4.     Service Layout and ESA Connection Authorization
  5.     Meter Installation

To initiate a connection request with PDI, the generator must fill out Form C (using Internet Explorer) Net Metering Application (for an existing connection) and forward the completed form to the Engineering Department along with the technical information on the proposed generation facility.

Technical information required with Form C includes the following:

  •     Location/Address of the proposed generation connection
  •     Inverter nameplate capacity
  •     Solar array nameplate capacity
  •     Connection Schematic Single Line Diagram (SLD)

Generators will be responsible to pay for the metering costs and the upgrades to or installation of new service connection facilities to accommodate the connection of the generation to the distribution system.  Generators will be required to pay deposits for metering and connection costs at the time the Offer to Connect is made.  Generators will be required to enter into a Connection Agreement with PDI.

The Electrical Safety Authority has published the Electrical Guidelines for Inverter-Based Micro-Generating Facility 10 KW and Smaller that is based on the requirements of the Electrical Safety Code and the Distribution System Code.

For more information call the Ministry of Energy at 1-888-668-4636 or visit their web site at to external site.