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About Us

Background and History

The Riverview Park and Zoo began in 1933 with the donation of a pair of alligators to Ross Dobbin, then General Manager of the Peterborough Utilities Commission. As more birds and animals were acquired, the zoo grew in size and popularity with area residents visiting the zoo for picnics and general enjoyment.


In the mid 1960's, the PUC assumed full responsibility for the financing and operation of the facility. Today, the Park and Zoo continues to advance, taking on more varied and ambitious projects.

Statement of Purpose

 The Peterborough Utilities Commission, through the Riverview Park and Zoo, strives to provide the citizens of Peterborough with an outstanding recreational and educational facility located in a park setting.

The Riverview Park and Zoo will endeavour to create an environment suitable for conservation and preservation of wildlife and parkland.

Guiding Principles

- To appeal to all age groups within the City of Peterborough.
- To ensure accessibility for all members of the community.
- To reinvest in the community through continuing improvement of the Park and Zoo facilities, habitats and capital assets.
- To follow professional zoological practices, to embrace and promote excellence and best practices to enhance and support the zoo animal collection.
- To support and advance wildlife and environmental conservation. To promote conservation awareness and action through educational programming and community leadership.
- To maintain a balance between park facilities and zoo facilities.
- To maintain and create passive use of undeveloped areas while optimizing the benefits of our premium location.
- To visually and physically connect all parts of the property.
- To ensure harmonization with water treatment operations and take advantage of available opportunities to promote water conservation.
- To maintain sound environmental, water and river quality protection practices.


The Riverview Park and Zoo Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Commission on matters concerning the Park and Zoo. The committee consists of one member of the Commission, four City of Peterborough qualified electors, one honorary life-time member, the PUC President, and the Park and Zoo Manager and Curator.

Current members of the Advisory Committee are:

  • Mr. W. Davidson
  • Mr. M. Kirkpatrick
  • Mr. P. Hartung
  • Ms. J. Lafortune
  • Mr. D. Carter-Edwards

For a list of PUC Commissioners, please refer to Corporate Structure