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What is Your Favourite Animal?Meerkats

Do you have a favourite animal friend at the Park and Zoo?  Do you go crazy for camels? Or a friend that likes to hang around with the squirrel monkeys?  Do your kids think our otters are amazing?  You can help support your favourite animal pals at the Riverview Park & Zoo by adopting one of them!  With over 137 animals and 49 Species, the Riverview Park & Zoo is looking for you to help maintain the excellent health of our animal friends.

Become part of the Riverview Park & Zoo family through our Adoption Program!

Adopt-an-Animal Information Sheet Otter Nature

When you adopt one of our animals your adoption fees help with:

Animal Care:

Our animals have varied needs and frequently require special attention. Your support through the Animal Adoption Program helps our Animal Care Staff provide your adopted animal with the very best husbandry and care.


Our animals require specialized diets.  Adopting an animal helps us ensure that they receive their favourite foods on a daily basis.

Enrichment and Training:

Our animals enjoy a variety of enrichment and training activities in a wide variety of forms.  Your adoption fees help us deliver these programs and to ensure that all animals are able to have fun with their favourite toys!

Veterinary Health Care:

It is no secret that animal health care costs a lot of money.  By becoming a part of the Zoo family, you help make sure that your animal friend receives top notch health care!

Adoptions Also Make Great Gifts

Consider making an adoption in someone else's name as a thoughtful birthday or holiday gift.  Adoptions are also a great way for families, school classes and community groups to get involved locally with wildlife conservation.  Each adoption includes an individualized adoption certificate, an animal fact sheet about the animal you have selected and a photo of the animal.  Your adoption is also announced on our animal adoption board located in the center of the Zoo.  Standard adoptions are a one year term that can be renewed annually.  Tax receipts are provided for each adoption.

For more information, download our information sheet or call 705-748-9301 ext 2331

Click here to download an adoption form.