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Cathodic Protection

Peterborough Utilities has been cathodically protecting its water mains since 1991. This proven method of controlling the effects of external corrosion on the water distribution system results in fewer water main breaks, thus reducing maintenance and life cycle costs. This process simply involves attaching magnesium anodes to the water main. The anode will then corrode instead of the water main it is connected to. The installation of anodes, that typically last 15 - 25 years, is much more attractive than the disruption that is caused on a street by replacing the water main at a much higher cost.
Graphic displaying what a sacrificial anode looks like on a water main
Every year the Peterborough Utilities schedules cathodic protection installation in selected areas of the city. Work typically takes place between early June to late September each year. Once started, the installation process takes between 2 – 3 days to complete on each street. Affected areas are notified by way of a hand delivered notice.

What should Homeowners & Businesses expect?

For affected homeowners, please note the following:

During the course of construction, we endeavour to keep any inconvenience to a minimum. We ask if you could please avoid parking automobiles on the street during construction.

Traffic detours, when necessary, will be in place during the construction periods with local/emergency traffic and garbage collection permitted.

The Peterborough Utilities' policy is to reinstate all roadways, boulevards, driveways and lawn areas that are disturbed by new construction work. Restoration will be completed promptly. To assist with the restoration, please water the replaced sod as needed.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

After hours construction emergency calls should be directed to 705-748-9300


Should you have any questions concerns or require further information regarding cathodic protection installation, please contact:

Peterborough Utilities Services Inc.

Cheryl A. Argue, C.E.T.

Engineering Technician

Project Coordinator

705-748-9301 Ext 1239