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Structural Lining

Structural lining is a method of rehabilitating older water mains that were constructed of cast iron (CI) and ductile iron (DI) using a "low dig"  technology. This process removes the rust build-up on the inside of the water main and then lines their internal surface with a cured in place pipe (CIPP) liner. This typically increases the effective life of the water main by 30 - 50 years. This also improves hydraulic carrying capacity of the water main.  Lining also reduces brown discoloration of the water and increases the chlorine residual in the water. 

Structural Lining is generally used in areas where the existing water main (host pipe) has been structurally compromised. These areas are usually identified by reoccurring water main breaks. Structural Lining, unlike Cement Mortar Lining will provide the host pipe with an increased structural capacity, making it an ideal rehabilitation method for these applications.

The rehabilitation method of CIPP is an attractive and cost effective alternative to the full replacement of the water main and is less disruptive to the neighbourhood than full pipe replacement.

 Before and After Structural Lining

                            BEFORE                                                                                         AFTER

What should Homeowners & Businesses expect?

Every year the Peterborough Utilities schedules structural lining installation in selected areas of the city. Work typically takes place between April to early September each year. Prior to construction, homes in the affected areas are notified by mail and proposed streets will be posted annually on the website.

As part of this work, it will be necessary for the contractor to install a temporary water main and a temporary water service to your premise. The temporary water service will connect to the outside tap on your house if one exists. In order to provide water service to your premise the valve to your outside tap will be required to be opened and the tap flushed for 3-5 minutes. The valve on your incoming water service will need to be shut off and you will receive potable water through the outside tap during construction. The internal valves can be operated by yourself or a contractor’s representative if required. The contractor will provide instructions for the above when they connect the temporary service. In order to assess the appropriate provision for this temporary water service, additional information may be required.

For affected homeowners, please note the following:

During the course of construction, we endeavour to keep any inconvenience to a minimum. We ask if you could please avoid parking automobiles on the street during construction.

Traffic detours, when necessary, will be in place during the construction periods with local/emergency traffic and garbage collection permitted.

The Peterborough Utilities' policy is to reinstate all roadways, boulevards, driveways and lawn areas that are disturbed by new construction work. Restoration will be completed promptly. To assist with the restoration, please water the replaced sod as needed.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

After hours construction emergency calls should be directed to 705-748-9300


Should you have any questions concerns or require further information regarding structural lining, please contact:

Peterborough Utilities Services Inc.

Cheryl Argue, C.E.T.

Water Engineering Technician

705-748-9301 ext.1239