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Cross Connection Control Program


In order to protect the public's health and drinking water quality, the Ministry of Environment enforces the Safe Drinking Water Act. The Act imposes a statutory obligation on water purveyors to show due diligence with respect to maintaining and protecting water quality. During the Ministry’s annual inspection, the Drinking Water Inspector routinely recommends that the PUC implement a Cross Connection Control Program (CCCP). Attached is a list of registered testers.
In the Walkerton Report, Part 2, Chapter 7 Justice O'Connor states that the "provider," in this case the PUC, should have an "active program to detect and deter cross-contamination." For these reasons, the PUC has approved a Cross Connection Control Practice (April, 2011) in order to implement the CCCP.

Safety of drinking water is a public health issue. Dr. Rosana Salvaterra, MD, Medical Officer of Health for the Peterborough County-City Health Unit supports the implementation of a cross connection control program.  Dr. Salvaterra states "The protection of a municipality's drinking water supply is of the utmost importance".  Many people are unaware that backflow conditions can occur which could jeopardize system water quality. We all share a responsibility to ensure the safety of our drinking water.

The following web sites list a number of backflow incidents that have occurred throughout North America:

The CCCP applies to existing industrial, commercial and institutional buildings as well as many home businesses. New buildings or those under renovation are covered by protection from contamination requirements in the Ontario Building Code. The installation of and annual testing of backflow prevention devices are a major component of the program.

The PUC has developed several forms to assist owners and registered testers in understanding the need for such a program and to guide you through the processes involved in protecting your water distribution system (plumbing) and the municipal water system.

The PUC wishes to thank you for your efforts in maintaining safe drinking water for all citizens of Peterborough.

Contact Information:

Dave Young
Cross Connection Control Officer
1867 Ashburnham Drive
PO Box 4125, Station Main
Peterborough ON K9J 6Z5
Telephone: (705) 748-9301 x1349 Cell: (705) 930-0602
Fax: (705) 748-0120