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Compliance Instructions

See also CCCP Surveyor/Owner Checklist  

1. Retain a qualified person from the list of registered testers to conduct a cross connection control survey of your facility. (Registered testers operate independently from Peterborough Utilities Commission)

2. Submit the completed Cross Connection Survey Report along with the Registered Tester's recommendations to Peterborough Utilities Commission.

3. The Cross Connection Control Officer will carry out a review of the completed survey. Once the review is complete you will be notified of the required works and time for compliance.

4. If the recommendations require that a new device be installed or relocated a building permit must be obtained. Applications for building permits can be made at the Building Division, City of Peterborough.

5. Have a plumber, licensed to work in the City of Peterborough, complete any of the required upgrades and have all inspections carried out if applicable.

6. Have all devices tested by a tester registered with Peterborough Utilities Commission.

7. When the required upgrades are completed, all devices have passed a test and you are in possession of a successful test certificate(s) completed by a Registered Tester, forward copies of the completed forms to Peterborough Utilities Commission, 1867 Ashburnham Drive, PO Box 4125, Station Main, Peterborough, ON. K9J6Z5. The Cross Connection Control Officer may require that an inspection of the premises be carried out.

8. The test forms that are submitted will be valid for a period of one year. You must have your device tested annually and submit a successful test report to the Peterborough Utilities Commission. Please note that should a device need repairs during this period that it must be tested prior to the expiry of the one-year period.

9. Forms that are submitted must be complete and legible or they will be returned as unacceptable. We appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

Please ensure that all completed documents are forwarded to the Commission by the compliance date. Any request for an extension of the compliance date and an explanation of why the extension is needed must be forwarded in writing and it must be received prior to the initial compliance date. Any such request that is submitted will be reviewed, however, there is no guarantee that such a request can be granted.

Should you have any questions please call Dave Young at (705) 748-9301, extension 1349 or e-mail at