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Water Meters

Water meters are an important component of Peterborough's Municipal Drinking Water System.Residential, industrial, commercial and institutional customers are equipped with a water meter to track consumption. This ensures that each individual customer is being billed for the water they consume.

Water meters are mechanical devices, which require maintenance and/or replacement every so often depending on their size. Some industrial water meters need to be replaced annually, where as most residential water meters only need to be replaced every 15 years.

Homeowners must provide clear and unobstructed access to to the water meter at all times. The water meter is the property of the Peterborough Utilities Commission and should never be enclosed or covered by building materials or obstructed in any way. It is the homeowners responsibility to ensure clear and free access to the water meter. 

Curious about Consumption

Badger Water Meter

The water meter in your basement measures how much water is used in your house. Every home and business in Peterborough has one.

By tracking your water meter, your awareness of your water use will increase. In addition, watching your water meter can help you find water leaks that may be in your house, which ultimately saves you money once the leaks have been fixed.

You can sign up for weekly email on your water consumption by contacting Customer Service 705-748-6900 to be added to the electronic mailing list.

If you are interested in reading your meter you can learn how to read your water meter. Also, find out more about Remote Water Reading.

You can also visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" section for additional information.

For more information please contact Customer Service at 705-748-9300