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Reuse Water

There are a variety of ways to reuse water around the house. Consider using water (cooled) from steaming vegetables or water from washing fruit to water plants around your home

RainbarrelYou can use any bucket(s) for this or buy a rain barrel made especially for the purpose.  You can purchase a rain barrel from Peterborough Green-Up  or various landscape supply companies in your area. 

 In the kitchen you could install a portable kitchen basin into your sink. This basin catches water you would otherwise flush down the drain when you are rinsing vegetables and fruits, or when you are running the water waiting for it to get hot or cold.  This water can be stored in mason jars or buckets to be used at a later date.

The water you save in the bucket or rain barrel can then be used for washing floors and windows, watering indoor plants, watering outdoor plants or even washing your car.