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Water Quality

Thousands of Tests Each Year

Peterborough Utilities Commission meets or exceeds the government’s requirements for water testing in Peterborough. We conduct more than 20,000 tests a year to ensure your drinking water is of the highest quality – more tests than government regulations require. We conduct tests annually, quarterly, weekly and there are even some that run continuously. We perform on-going facility maintenance, and constantly upgrade and improve our water infrastructure including Peterborough’s water treatment plant.

As published in the Ontario Water Sector Report, Ontario's standard for water treatment, testing and reporting are stronger than other Canadian jurisdiction. 

Our staff members are well trained in all aspects of water quality management and know the importance of following proper procedures in facility maintenance. Everyone who operates the water system at PUC is licensed by the Ministry of the Environment.

The water utility staff is deeply committed to ensuring everyone served by the Peterborough Utilities Commission has the safest, highest quality drinking water.

Water Quality Reports

Get Adobe ReaderPUC is constantly testing our water and we are are proud to share the results with you. Our test results show that Peterborough's drinking water continues to meet the highest standards for quality and cleanliness.

Water Quality Report Annual Reports
O Reg 170 Annual Report 2019
Water Quality Report 2018 O Reg 170 Annual Report 2018
Water Quality Report 2017
O Reg 170 Annual Report 2017

Water Quality Report 2016

O. Reg 170 Annual Report 2016

Water Quality Report 2015
O. Reg 170 Annual Report 2015
Water Quality Report 2014
O. Reg 170 Annual Report 2014
Water Quality Report 2013
O. Reg 170 Annual Report 2013
Water Quality Report 2012
O. Reg 170 Annual Report 2012 
Water Quality Report 2011 O. Reg 170 Annual Report 2011
Water Quality Report 2010  O. Reg 170 Annual Report 2010

If you would like a copy of Peterborough’s latest water quality report, you can pick one up at Peterborough City Hall or the Peterborough Utilities office.

Reports for the Township of Selwyn can be found on the Township of Selwyn's website or obtained at the Township Offices on the Centre Line of Smith.

Facilities in Norwood are maintained and tested by the Township of Asphodel Norwood in association with the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA). Reports can be picked up at the Township office.

Chief Drinking Water Inspector Report

To provide the residents of Ontario with confidence that their regulated drinking water systems are delivering safe, high quality tap water, the Ministry of the Environment releases annually the Chief Drinking Water Inspector's Report.  This report provides an overview of the state of Ontario's drinking water including quality tests, inspection and performance. The report details actions the Ministry has taken to protect drinking water between 2012-2013. 

Facts & Filters

If you're thinking about buying a water filter, you've probably discovered how confusing the information and literature can be.  Before you buy a water treatment system, visit our water Facts & Filters to obtain additional information.

Tastes and odours in your drinking water

Peterborough's drinking water meets or exceeds all provincial standards for quality, but some customers may have noticed an earthy taste in their tap water.  More noticeable when our source water, the Otonabee River, gets warm in the summer months, the earthy odour comes from a non-toxic compound produced by some types of river algae.  These odour-causing compounds are not harmful to your health but can be detectable, even in extremely small concentrations (parts per trillion).
To improve the taste, it helps to keep an open pitcher of tap water in your fridge.  You may choose to use an activated charcoal filter device.  When using these products, it is important to follow the manufacture's instruction.  For more information on the advantages and disadvantages of home treatment products, see Facts & Filters.