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Features and Attractions

For decades, the Riverview Park and Zoo has attracted about a quarter of a million visitors a year.

And no wonder - the zoo features 27 exhibits, with over 45 species, including Two-Toed Sloths, Yaks, Camels, Wallaby, Emu, Crocodiles, Macaw, Lemur, Squirrel Monkey, Plated Lizard and Meerkat.

The park covers 55.5 acres and is the largest and includes most diversified playground in the city and a splash pad. It also features accessible equipment and wheelchair swings.

<Please Note> We no longer have on-site bus parking, just drop-off and pick-up lanes.



  • Free admission and parking
  • Open year-round, 8:30 am to dusk
  • Over 55 acres of scenic riverfront park and zoo exhibits
  • 15-minute ride on a vintage miniature train for only $2 each, children under 2 years of age ride free (Please Note: ticket sales at the train station are cash only - an ATM is available at Guest Services from 9 -4)
  • Fabulous children's playground including water splash pad
  • Over 27 exhibits and 45 species of animals
  • Large picnic area along Otonabee River with picnic tables
  • Disc Golf course in the North end of the park
  • F-86 Sabre jet
  • Totem pole
  • Guest Services & souvenir shop
  • Rotary Education Centre - Multi-Purpose Classroom/Meeting Room
  • Snack bar open May to September
  • Winter tobogganing and cross-country skiing
  • Wheelchair accessible (washrooms, change room, swings, train ride. etc.)

The Animals

Riverview features over 27 exhibits and over 45 species of animals.

The zoo is home to animals ranging from the plated lizards to the great yaks and camels; from reptiles and primates to river otters and sloths.Yak

Opened in 1998, the primate house is home to approximately 20 monkeys, reptiles, birds and two-toed sloths, and was made possible through the private bequests of community members. Donations are a key funding source for the park and zoo. Donations are gratefully accepted at boxes throughout the park.

The Park and Zoo is committed to promoting the educational aspect of its wildlife and resources through easy-to-read signage. School excursions, tours and formal education programs are popular throughout the year. Many of the existing structures at Riverview have been erected by local high school and community college students.

Our world-class River Otter Exhibit opened to the public the first week of July, 2007. The otter exhibit has a land area, two large pools, a waterfall, and a slide for the entertainment of the public and the otters.

New Education Centre Exhibits
Be sure to visit the new exhibits in the Rotary Education Centre and see the plated lizards, ball pythons, Sulawesi forest turtles and the African dwarf crocodiles.

Meet the KeeperServal
Our 'Meet The Keeper' program helps to educate visitors on the animals and allows them to ask any questions they may have. From May to September, Monday to Friday at 1 pm, you can meet Zoo staff as they care for the animals. Visit our Events page for more information.

Adopt-an-Animal Program
This program helps pay for the food and care of the animals. Donations over $100 are recognized with a certificate and addition of your name to the donation sign in the middle of the park. Please call us at (705) 748-9301 ext. 2331 or e-mail us to participate in this program.

Riverview Park and Zoo Praised for Ethical Treatment of Animals
Our very own Riverview Park and Zoo has been described as one of the two most ethical zoos in Canada. The zoo is owned and operated by the PUC.

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For the Kids!

Riverview Park & Zoo hosts one of the most modern play centres in the area, including a 80-ft superslide and a modern splash pad.PlaygroundEquipment

From the tot-lot to the integrated play structures, children of all ages can enjoy themselves in Peterborough's largest playground. The playground features an 80-foot superslide, playground equipment for physically-challenged children.

A modern kids' splash pad, washrooms and change rooms are open from May to October. Dumping buckets, water cannons, geysers, and bubblers will entertain the young people during the warm sunny days of summer.

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Miniature Train Ride

Miniature Train Ride

For the young at heart, take an exciting ride on the miniature railroad. The train is pulled by an iron horse replica of an 1860 locomotive and winds its way across the dam over the Otonabee river.

The Miniature train ride is now open for the 2019 season and will operate daily, 10 am to 6 pm, weather permitting. The train will also operate weekends only from September 3rd to October 14th. The train may also be closed from time to time for maintenance or activities related to operation of the pump house and/or dam. Tickets for the 15-minute ride are only $2 each, children under 2 years of age ride free.

Did You Know that for your safety, we can not operate the train ride if the tracks are wet, or if there's thunder and lightning in the area? We also have to suspend operations whenever Water Treatment Plant staff are required to adjust river flows at the dam. The Trent Severn Waterway manages the river's level and flow and we are required to immediately implement any changes they request. This typically takes about an hour. In these cases, our Train Operators will open the train again as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Totem Pole Totem Pole Dedication Ceremony - Blessing of the Totem Pole

The totem pole at our main entrance was erected in the summer of 2016 and is presented as an ongoing symbol of the region’s diverse heritage, and friendship among our communities.

The totem pole was skillfully hand crafted by local artist Jody Paudash Of Hiawatha First Nation. It was designed with care by Mr. Paudash to commemorate our original totem pole which stood on this spot for many years.

The original totem pole was generously donated to the Peterborough Utilities by Whetung Ojibwa Crafts in 1973 and was carved by Norman Knott of Curve Lake.
The Thunderbird from the original totem pole still flies today in the Rotary Education Centre Building.



Rotary Education Centre Building (Outside)

Rotary Education Centre

Our new Guest Services building features a bright and well equipped multi-purpose classroom/meeting room with a view like no other! The Rotary Education Centre was made possible through the generous support of the Peterborough Rotary Club and the estate of long-term Rotarian, Clarence "Pug" Pugsly.


Rotary Education Centre Classroom (Desk Arrangement)

  Rotary Education Centre Classroom (Podcast Event)










Picnic Areas

Take a leisurely walk along the river, relax in the shade and enjoy a picnic. There are many benches and picnic tables throughout the park area.

Large group picnic shelters can be reserved by citizens of Peterborough by calling the zoo at 748-9301 ext. 2304 or e-mail us.

IslandPicnic Picnic Shelter2
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Winter Fun

The Riverview Park and Zoo is open during the winter months. Most of the animals can still be seen in their exhibits and the zoo is picturesque under a blanket of snow.  Many of our animals are quite active during the winter months. Most roadways and pathways are plowed to keep them clear of snow.

If you like, bring your cross country skis. The Park area is the perfect spot to glide along in the snow.  Ski in the park picnic areas along the Otonabee River for a great view and some good winter exercise. Please note that we do not have groomed ski trails.

Bring your toboggan! The north end of the park boasts a perfect hill for children to slide down in the snow. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate and enjoy some family fun.

ReindeerSnow WinterPark

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Disc Golf

Disc Golf BasketThe Disc Golf course at the north end of the park is a great source of enjoyment. Bring your Frisbee and play the nine-hole course. The game is played to the same rules as golf, but instead of hitting a ball into a hole, you throw the Frisbee into a specially-designed basket.

Visit the Peterborough Disc Golf Club website for hints, course maps and rules of the game.

Ornamental Fountain, Sundial, Gardens

The Ornamental Fountain and Sundial are popular areas. Enjoy the sparkling, spraying waters, then it's just a short walk over to the sundial where you can tell the time the old-fashioned way, before mechanical timepieces were invented. Beside the sundial is a scenic water conservation demonstration floral garden.

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SwanGarden XeriscapeGarden